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The Fox Steals Home by Matt Christopher

  • Author: Matt Christopher
  • eBook title: The Fox Steals Home
  • Category: Children's Books
  • Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
  • ISBN: 0606040684
  • ISBN13: 978-0606040686
  • Publisher: Demco Media (April 1, 1985)
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.6 ✫
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The Fox Steals Home
Already troubled by his parents' divorce, Bobby Canfield is further distressed when he learns that his father, who has coached him in running bases, intends to move away.

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Worked well for my purpose to replace damaged book. Shipment was quick and was even s newer edition than the one being replaced.
The Fox Steals Home by Matt Christopher is about a kid named Bobby that wants to be a great base stealer. He works a lot with his dad who is divorced. He soon became a great base stealer.

It all starts at the beginning of the year when the team practices. Bobby plays third base for the Sunbirds. He lives with his mom, but spends time with his dad on the weekends.

In the story, Bobby spends time with his Grandpa Alex and dad, who give him tips on base stealing. He uses their advice in a game and does well. Some kids in the stands say," you steal bases like a fox steals chickens!" After that they always called him a fox.

My favorite part was when Walter Wilson, the cowbirds pitcher was smoking in Bobby's boat. Bobby told him to stop. He threw it away, but it landed in the back of the boat. Because of a leaky gas line, the boat caught on fire. Bobby and Walter jumped out of the boat, and it exploded.

I really liked this book. The reason I liked it was because it is about sports. I think people that like baseball would really enjoy this book.
I would give this book two stars because it didn't really catch my attention. I thought it would be a long book but unfortunately, I finished it in three days. This is a book for fifth graders not seventh graders.
This book is about a boy named Bobby, whose parents are divorced. Bobby plays on a baseball team called the Sunbirds. He becomes a great baseball stealer and gets the nickname Fox. One day Bobby's dad tells him he is going out with a woman who is the mother of a boy named Walter. He is a pitcher for a baseball team called the Cowbirds. A few days later Bobby's dad tells him that he is getting a new job and may never see him again for a year. And on that day Bobby found out that his team was playing against Cowbirds that day.
Will Bobby's dad change his mind about the job? Will Bobby win the baseball game? Read the book to find out more.
The Fox Steals Home is a very good book. The setting is present and is usually at the baseball feild or Bobby's house. The conflict is that Bobby can not get use to his parents divorce. He does not want them to split up. First they are at the baseball feild and when Bobby steps up to bat all his mind is on is his parents divorce so he strikes out. Then they are at his house as a family talking about the divorce and Bobby gets mad. But on the last game Bobby and his father have a talk and they make each other feel better. I think this book is very good because it talks about not to worry about the divorce there will be a bright side in the end.
This is a story about a kid named Bobby who's parents are divorced. He lives in Houston, Texas. Bobby also loves baseball. He loves running bases. He is as fast as a fox. One day his mom tells him to go to his grandpa and grandma' s house. And his grandpa brings him to the baseball park. Two kids see him there and call him fox.

My favorite character is Bobby because he is nice, fast, cool, and a good character. My favorite part is when Walter throws a cigarette and the boat blows up.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, to laugh and loves sports.
Bobby likes to play baseball. He likes to run the bases where he is faster than a fox. His dad taught him how to run the bases.
But his love for baseball starts to conflict with his parent's divorce. It affects how he plays the game—strikes out, loses his temper, can't stay focused on the playing field. After a friendly father/son chat things start to look better. Will Booby get his act together for the last game of the season? Only time will tell. Read on...
My grandson loves reading all of Matt Christopher's baseball stories. I think every kid will like them and I'm Marvin P. Ferguson, author of BOYS ON THE GOLD COAST.
This book is about a kid named Bobby who plays basesball.He loves to play basesball.His parents are divorced.His dad can not see him until the weekends come.His team makes it to the championship.I liked the book because Bobby was a baseball player who was trying to win the championship while his parents were divorced.I liked Bobby because he had to deal with knowing his parents were divorced and he still tries to win his baseball games.
One of my favorite books growing up, and now one of my son's. Exciting, enjoyable to read, and conveying a some great life lessons!

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